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Established Jewish Organization

Decades of Providing Jewish Learning

Founded in 1986 and headed by Rabbi David Pietruszka, Jewish Learning Experience of Bergen County is an independent adult outreach organization that aims to reacquaint Jewish adults with their religious heritage through classes demonstrating the relevance of the Torah in contemporary times, experiential programs, and Shabbat and High Holiday explanatory services. Our outreach organization caters to individual needs, including home hospitality and one-on-one learning. Regardless of your background, you can become part of a dynamic learning group. Knowledge of Hebrew or the Bible is not necessary.

Meet Our Director, Rabbi David Pietruszka

Since 2008, Rabbi David Pietruszka and his wife, Leah, have been a part of our community. Raised in Monsey, NY, Rabbi Pietruszka graduated from Yeshiva College and Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary. Following his studies at Yeshiva University, he pursued a Master’s Degree in Special Education from Hunter College in NYC. Rabbi Pietruszka currently serves as the Director of the Jewish Learning Experience and teaches at Jewish Educational Center in Elizabeth, NJ. The Rabbi and Rebbetzin are always ready to give guidance to those who need spiritual assistance in their lives.

Be Part of Our Jewish Community

Since our foundation 30 years ago, our outreach organization has touched the lives of more than 5,000 unaffiliated families in and around Northern, NJ. Seize the wonderful learning opportunities we offer and join our Jewish community. All classes are free of charge. Get more information about our services by calling us using the number listed on this site.

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